UpSculpt is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization (tax ID: 81-1658555) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


Upcycling + Sculpture to create environmentally conscious art that educates and engages the public regarding issues surrounding marine debris. We remove plastic from beaches and bring attention to the problem, while creating beauty from waste.

Cindy Pease Roe spent much of her young life on the shores of Nantucket and Cape Cod. She developed an affinity for the local communities and grew to deeply respect the ocean and marine life. The boatyards and whaling harbors of her past still resonate with her today. 


Working out of her studio in Greenport, NY, Pease Roe is closer than ever to nature. She has seen the change in the ocean eco-system and has watched it affect her surroundings. Her beach treasures of seashells and sea glass have been replaced with that of plastic, rope and other marine debris. Like many of us, she is concerned over the growing amount of plastic pollution evading our waters; not just locally, but globally. 


As an artist, Pease Roe knew that she had the tools to give a voice to this mission. Her life-size whale sculptures take plastics out of the waste stream and turn them into beautiful works of art. She has garnered the interest of art lovers and environmentalists alike with these thought-provoking and visually exciting sculptures.  To further her dedication to art and education, she created and founded UpSculpt, a 501(c)(3). UpSculpt is a non-profit, socially-interruptive movement that supports the creation of art from marine debris. Pease Roe knows that education is integral to creating change. She dedicates herself to raising awareness through community workshops and working closely with children in the classroom.