"Roaming in the Sea"

September 15, 2016

This beauty lives in Shenzhen, China! Cindy Pease Roe, founder of Upsculpt was commissioned by Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT), a corporation that runs a resort near Shenzen Bay, to create a sculpture of her own design to focus on plastics before they reach our waterway, this is known as the "Zero Waste Initiative."  


The nearly 20 ft Tail was built in only 23 days with the help of over 100 local volunteers! She (yes, its a she) remains on display in the lake connected to Shenzhen Bay, overlooking Hong Kong. The project brought awareness to the dangers of plastic waste and derelict fishing gear in the waters.  The best part about this sculpture is that the locals put wishes for our oceans in the bottles written in both English and Chinese. 


Materials: steel, reclaimed plastic bottles, marine rope, netting.





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